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Hon. Secretary

Shri Shailesh Dalmia

Hon. Secretary's N. L. Dalmia Educational Society

韦德体育网站,韦德网址体育网站The N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research established in 1995, enjoys a stellar reputation in business and management circles. When we started in 1997, we were amongst the top 700 B-Schools all over India. Now, we are amongst the top 10 institutes in Mumbai. Good leadership facilitates individuals, companies and industries to think differently about how to do business for the benefit of the stakeholders and the society. It transforms behaviour, creates new opportunities, inspires decisiveness, motivates excellence and represents essential leadership skills.

Quality leadership begins with an idea that is communicated and embraced by others. At our institute, we train students to think independently and nurture ideas. This process driven by values and ethics shapes young students graduating from our business school with leadership qualities which will go a long way in building a civilised, prosperous and a progressive society.

I welcome you to our institute.